Starting a taxi business in Africa? Find the best possibilities

Starting a taxi business in Africa? Find the best possibilities

Statistics show a complimentary turn for the idea to start a taxi business in Africa. The ride-hailing and taxi business revenue in Africa is expected to reach USD 740 million by the end of 2021.

This projection is just the beginning.

Experts predict an enormous growth for the market by the end of 2025. The market has a expectation to reach a whopping USD 1.079 million.

If you have a thing for handling your own business, this is a genuine chance for you to start a taxi business in Africa. Here’s why.

  • The rate of car ownership in Africa is less in comparison to other countries
  • The African people are increasing their use of mobile applications and digital devices
  • Minibus and motorcycle taxis are witnessing a higher demand
  • 75% of the public transport usage falls under taxi business in Africa

With the favorable market graph, this is the most rewarding opportunity that you were waiting for. But, the next question arises – how to avail the opportunities and start a taxi business in Africa?

Don’t worry till you have our back.

Here’s all what you need in terms of guidance and resources as your answer for the opportunities to start a taxi business in Africa.

  • A productive business plan is a must

Curating a productive business plan is the first important step on how to start a taxi business in Africa. Your plan should not only be revolvong around the present. It should be futuristic and long-term. Also, it is important that your plan is clear and laid out in a proper manner. Here are some points that you can consider adding in your plan:

  1. Your business description
  2. The short-term and long-term goals of your business
  3. The role of market forces of demand and supply
  4. Financial analytical plan etc.
  • Cater to all legalities

For a smooth running of your taxi business in Africa, make sure that all your legal documents are set and in order over here. Decide a unique company name and go for registration. The registration might cost anywhere between R125 – R475. If you are hiring employees and purchasing vehicles, a commercial driving license and vehicle registration is a must. Professionals will help you better. Make sure that you are looking for coverages, financial strength, service quality amongst others.

  • Fleet building

This totally depends on you. You can have as many cars as you wish for in your fleet. But, our suggestion for you is to move slow and steady. This will guarantee your operations in the long run. You can go for car repurchasing and customize them as per what you like. Once your business begins climbing the hill and provides good returns, you can opt for buying more.

  • Target the consumer’s purchasing power

One of the most important steps on the way to start a taxi business in Africa is knowing your audience and their purchasing power. Taxi and transportation biggies like Uber are playing on this very well. So, to emerge as a tough competitor in the taxi service market, don’t turn a blind eye to this step.

  • Brand building

To start a taxi business in Africa, marketing mix is another considerable. The idea of marketing mix is incomplete without brand building. The gig is to identify channels that will help you reach your target audience at the earlier. Go for what suits you be it traditional ways, digitization or a combined step inclusing both.


The competition in the taxi business is intense. There are massive investments pouring in for the development and adoption of the taxi services in Africa. Hence, this period is excellent for you to start a taxi business in Africa.

For higher visibility, better management, scalability and real-time tracking, it is better to opt for taxi booking app. It has a lot to offer to the future of taxi business. At Mozilit, our effort is to provide a streamlined and seamless application solutions for your mushrooming taxi business.

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