About Us

We are Saas Company aiming to bring transformation by providing seamless and comfortable mobility solutions to the ride-hailing industry. Our umbrella of services caters to solve the platform requirements of young entrepreneurs to create a niche for themselves in the mobility space and digitized world. In a technology-oriented world like today where digitization is taking a toll on the working, the need of the hour is to make the most vital use of software in the form of services for the ride-hailing business.  As a Saas company, we have the vision to serve on-demand service solutions. The world is moving towards a wide use of online businesses and hence seek both online deliveries of modern solutions to their vibrant needs. Our pre-built software not only justifies this need of various startups and established businesses attempting to make a difference in the way people persuade the ride-hailing services but also, delivering these in a stipulated period. We believe that the technical world has a lot in terms of qualitative offerings that can level up the way businesses function.


Provide the best on Demand Mobility solutions


promote the idea of a sustainable future by providing technical support to anyone who aims to make a difference in the world of mobility.


We desire to demystify the mobility space

Values that take us to the right path


Genuine Care

Team Spirit

Build a high revenue generating online taxi business today!

Our Advantages


Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort, expense or resource


Integrations and easy modifications according to your business needs


Improving the quality of daily operations and management, reducing additional costs

We assure our employees have a career growth and find the path to success. Mozilit is the right place to build your future

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