Online teleconsultation solutions launch just got easier

Reduce similar risks like that of COVID-19 by launching modes for easy access to healthcare services

Avid Teleconsultation app solutions

Let technology and its convenience take a backseat to render on-demand healthcare solutions

Medicine delivery

The quickest way to get medicines through technology is here. It is the most efficient way of getting one’s hands on the best and quality medicine.

Caretaking services

Caretaker services are just a few clicks away with the teleconsultation application that ensures efficient and effective services.

Medical staff

We help in building a platform that helps patients get on-demand doctors and nurses at the emergency time. Also, the teleconsultation app ensures delivery of proper, reliable, and experienced services.


The teleconsultation app curated by the Mozilit team helps in ensuring on-demand appointments that help patients meet their health goals.

Laboratory applications

Get your hands on an on-demand laboratory application that helps patients move forward with their health requirements like blood tests, and other common ones like sugar, blood pressure, heart rate, etc. and others for different medical conditions.

Mobile-friendly tools

The on-demand teleconsultation app ensures to function as an aggregator between the medical professionals and patients for bilateral benefit.

Launch Your Online teleconsultation app with our experts

Convert your idea to solve numerous customer problems

Are mobility solutions for the healthcare industry worth it?

We help you give rise to your thoughts by delivering world-class on-demand healthcare amenities

Quick and Quality Care Services

The on-demand medical consultation app ensures the availability of quick and quality services without any delay.

Service Access

Patients have the technological assistance to track the services and have an idea about their delivery based on the need and urgency.

Management and Procurement

Once the users begin using the telecommunication app, it is easier for medical professionals and customers to exchange medical history and data for better use and benefits.

Cost and Time effectiveness

The on-demand medical service marketplace ensures cost reduction and effective use of time to extend quality services following by building a wider audience.

Security and Privacy

Services are the best used when used by the ones who most need it. It is true for medical services in remote areas where the teleconsultation app developed by Mozilit works like a wonder.

Real-Time Use and Deployment of Data

The app allows deployment and concentration of data for better facilities and ensuring good health on a wide and large scale.

What You Get?

We provide you with complete tech suite to keep your healthcare business in its best shape

1. Patient App
2. Doctor App
3. Admin Pannel

Core Features
Empowering Your Healthcare Business

Patient Application

Appointment Scheduling

Let patients schedule appointments via web & app with a specialist of their choice from anywhere & at any time

In-App Chat

Give patients a simple way to be in touch with care providers, ideal for post-hospitalization care & drug management

Prescription Upload

Patients can upload prescription to search & compare medicines provided by different online medicine supplier

Push Notifications & Alerts

Always stay updated with in-app push notifications & alerts

Doctor Application


Doctors can share their real-time availability with customers to let them decide the best & improve calendar utilization

Appointment Reminders

Healthcare staff will receive instant visual & sound notification when an appointment is scheduled, ensuring you don’t miss any

Customer History

Your staff will get access to customer’s health history, past visits, & other important information, leading to better & faster treatment

Push Notifications & Alerts

Always stay updated with in-app push notifications & alerts

Doctor Application

Find & Select Medicines

Easily find & choose your preferable medicines

Customer Verification

Upload documents to verify age & prescription

Customize Your Orders

Customize your orders according to your preferences

Push Notifications & Alerts

Always stay updated with in-app push notifications & alerts

Admin Pannel

Crisp management

The teleconsultation software is home to an admin panel that offers good management between the customers and drivers based on what they seek and what they get

Proper functioning

The panel ensures proper functioning of the app without any backlogs so that the functions meet the expectations

Quality interactions

The admin panel acts as an intermediary to ensure that interactions are in place that match the professional quality standards

Push Notifications & Alerts

The panel initiates push notifications for all the service parties that improve the experience and overall working

Transform your healthcare services into a trusted source for millions

Convenient integrations

AI pop ups for customer engagement

Management and guidance to customers

Proper delivery and procurement

Standardization in demand and supply management

Why Choose Us?

We Care For Your Business To Let You Care For Your Customers

Business solutions

Begin a business that solves customer problems at large and rings in the best for the health and wellness of patients

Convenient business model

SWant to run a single store, a chain, or build a highly active and interactive service marketplace? We have something for all business models

Possible customization

Mozilit, as an app development platform ensures every possibility of customization for better results and engagement

Constant support

With Mozilit, you need not think of being alone as we’ll be there for you with our expertise and knowledge


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