Limo Services Software

Traveling in luxury is something that everyone should try and the businessmen dealing in such verticals should try the limo software for sure..

What to Expect

Through our limo app development services, we aim to help both the customers and luxury drive service providers in the following ways:

Software as a platform

The Mozilit team aims to curate a software that acts as a platform for exposing customers to a one-stop solution

Booking as a platform

Mozilit aims to function as a brandname that offers booking solutions in the form of a simple yet efficiently running platform.

Apps for passenger services

The platform is home to various services as demanded by the passengers for different occasions and trends.

App for professional drivers

Drivers need not run from one door to another to get employment opportunities and learn a living. They can register their services for particular areas based on their expertise and convenience .

Networking and branding

The software development services by Mozilit help in enhancing the business networks and rings in several opportunities to improve the brandname.

Appropriate website designs

The technicals and experts at Mozilit help in rendering design services that are both efficient, eye-catchy and conversational.

Limo Business Advancements

Customer Application

Find and choose

Customers can look for the kind of service they want from a particular place

Service trust and verification

Customers can use the limo software with trusted and verified services

Find what you need

Customers have the right through the software to get their hands on what they need through limo services

Notifications and constant updates

Customers get quick updates regarding the ongoing updates and notifications regarding the ongoing plans and offers

Driver Application

Choose their service

Drivers and other registered professionals have the right to choose the kind and area of service they want to function

Get and receive updates

Drivers get constant updates regarding customer requests and they have the right to accept and deny the same based on their availability, booking, and need

Offer customized services and attain credibility

Professionals have the opportunity to enhance their service credibility by adding customization to attract recurring customers

Improve customer base

The chauffeurs can add quality to their services by taking innovative steps to expand their customer base

Admin Dashboard

Crisp management

The Limo software is home to an admin panel that offers good management between the customers and drivers based on what they seek and what they get

Proper functioning

The panel ensures proper functioning of the app without any backlogs so that the functions meet the expectations

Push Notifications & Alerts

The panel initiates push notifications for all the service parties that improve the experience and overall working

Quality interactions

The admin panel acts as an intermediary to ensure that interactions are in place that match the professional quality standards

SOFTWARE & Mobile app services


Your need for a customized and pocket-friendly solution for your business. Mozilit takes a steo forward to help you with the same. We aim to put across all services like booking, scheduling, reservations, and arrivals as demanded by the customers and offered by the drivers.

Learn tips and tricks to take your limo business to the ultimate level


There are excellent chances of profitability for your limo business once you opt for an application that offers streamlined functions in the long run.

The online presence of businesses like limo services adds luxury to the lives of people by helping them arrive in style where ever they go. So, they’ll be ready for services that add to their experience. The Mozilit team of experts helps in offering the same.

Limo software solutions offered by Mozilit is helpful for businesses as they can reach out to the potential audience and deliver comfortable and luxurious travel solutions based on the tastes of many customers.


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