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Business Model For An App Like UberEats in 2023


Delivery app tutorials are taking many rounds since the pandemic hit ordinary people’s lives. It would be wrong to say that the pandemic had its share of pros and cons for every business. The lockdown was the time when everyone explored their inner chefs. But, a satisfactory cooking attempt initiates a deep conversation with an online food delivery system. It has been a blessing in disguise for all of us.

Let’s move to some real-time talk. The online food delivery segment expects a whopping market amount of USD 339,257 million in 2022. So, you have a good chance of jumping into the entrepreneurial world and knowing how to build a food delivery app.

Online food delivery – what is the first thought that comes to your mind?

UberEats, Zomato, and Swiggy.

Is that right?

So, if you want to go for an online food delivery platform for your business, it is essential to understand the business model. Mobile app development by Mozilit will help you know what you need to know.

Types of Business Models for Online Food Delivery

There are two models that most of the on-demand food delivery platforms tend to take up. These are the ‘order only’ model and the ‘order and deliver’ model.

  • The order-only model – The users get a list of eateries near their location. This model helps the restaurants that have their delivery systems. But, they lack the interface through which the customers can place their orders.
  • The order and deliver only model – The users have access to both the listings and the delivery services. The user can be sure of seamless logistics support. The restaurant gets the notification of the order and prepares it for online home delivery.

Now, when you have an idea about the models, you can guess the market dominants like Zomato and Ubereats. If not, don’t worry.

These online food delivery brands use the latter model. The model helps the restaurants act as a bridge between the customers and the delivery agents.

Benefits of the ‘Order and Delivery’ Model

  • Small restaurants and startups have an expansive edge because of this model.
  • Any restaurant that does not have their mobile application or falls short of resources to offer their delivery service can opt for this model.
  • You need to focus on order preparation.
  • The delivery executive allocation, vehicle selection, maintenance, and licensing are not your thing need not think much about.

An app like Ubereats in 2022 has three sides to its business model. Entirely predictable, these sides are the customers, the restaurants, and the delivery personnel. The features of this tree face interface are as follows:

For customers

  • The customer has the right to choose the cuisine, restaurant, delivery, location, mode of payment, and much more.
  • Discounts and promo codes are readily available, and the customers have ease of choice.

For restaurants

  • The restaurants can update their operating hours, delivery, rates, menu, and discounts based on convenience.
  • They can choose their location, minimum order amount, and other rules that will help them hit a better amount of sales.

For Delivery Executives

  • They can set their movement territory for the order delivery.
  • The executives can call both the restaurants and clients to help with the delivery location. They act as a bridge between the restaurants and the customers.

How is Monetization Possible?

If we decode the working of an online food delivery app like Ubereats, learning about its monetization strategy won’t be a tough nut to crack. Here are three ways in which Ubereats earns and tops the revenue charts.

  • It charges a delivery commission from the restaurants.
  • You might have seen the pictures and infographics of different restaurants flashing when you open these apps on your phone. These restaurants tend to pay advertising fees that act as revenue generation.
  • It charges a delivery fee from the customers.


Creating a food delivery app is not a cakewalk. But, it is not difficult if you connect the dots and invest in the right platform. App development services by Mozilit help you ace the requirement and change the face of online food delivery for the better.

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