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How To Create A Service Marketplace like UrbanClap in 2022?

Smartphones are making our lives easier forever. Whether getting our favorite dishes from restaurants with UberEats or Zomato’s help or opting for online shopping, our convenience expands with each passing day. Mobile applications have become our fallback option. Health and wellness are other priorities that keep us sane. And UrbanClap is getting everything right by delivering essential services at home. On-demand home delivery service app development is the talk of the town. Different industries like food and grocery are emerging as prominent examples by targeting the same.

What does a Service Marketplace like UrbanClap Stand for?

The urban brand functions as a service marketplace through its applications on different mobiles. It provides day-to-day services to people with a simple interface and an easy application. Giving rise to a marketplace rings in better popularity amongst many customers, ensuring profits in the long run.

Creating such a service marketplace is a beneficial idea in 2022. Here’s how!

But first, it is essential to discuss the reasons to create a service marketplace like UrbanClap over here.

So, scroll on!

Reasons to Create A Service Marketplace like UrbanClap

The reasons to create an online marketplace like UrbanClap in 2022 are as follows:

  • It offers home and healthcare services like cleaning, repairs, wellness, and much more at your doorstep.
  • The UrbanClap app is establishing a niche for itself in the market by offering seamless accessibility of solutions for an array of customer needs.
  • The Urban company does not fall short of experienced professionals. We need not compromise on quality as they have the best services and qualified professionals on board.
  • As customers, we have an ease of opting for digital payments. The website works fast and does not welcome any glitches. It is beneficial both for the service givers and takers.
  • The services are competitive yet affordable. As customers, all we need to do is sign up for the Urban company membership to be counted as a premium client. Being a premium client welcomes enormous discounts and offers on events and occasions.

How to Create a UrbanClap Service Clone

The pandemic will hit our lives in 2020. But, businesses like the UrbanClap company registered excellent revenues and recorded a mass jump of 103%.

Business and Revenue Model

To create a marketplace like Urbanclap in 2022, understanding its business and revenue model will be an intelligent way.


  • Professionals can undergo a cost-free registration process. They get paid on a commission basis as per the customers’ orders. The commission percentage usually lies between 15-20%.
  • The fixed services offered by UrbanClap, like plumbing, repairs, electricians, and others, the fixed commission is transferred to the service providers.
  • Other services like event management, interior designing, physical activity teachings, etc., are paid based on lead generation and sponsor listing techniques.

Costing and Investment

A home service app development like UrbanClap will cost you around $10,000 – $30,000. If you want your app to run on a single platform, the amount is valid. If you want your app to run on multiple platforms, the prices will increase to a minimum of $50,000.

Further, the time to create a service marketplace like The Urban Company can lie between 8-24 weeks. It is based on the features, verticals, industries, services, and much more.


The next step towards building the UrbanClap service clone is deciding the features. However, the features are specific to different types of people accessing something like the UrbanClap app.

  • Professionals

The app should have an interface for professionals looking for options to extend their expert services. The professionals should undergo preparation and give their best.

Once they get the listing, they get requests per the customers’ demands, and the professionals can select or reject them based on their availability. The app should include the following features for professionals:

  • The feature helps them add their availability, services provided, level of expertise, and much more.
  • The feature that allows them to contact the customers directly.
  • The feature that allows them to accept or reject the services.
  • The feature that can allow them to choose the mode of payment.
  • The feature that allows them to choose their area of service delivery.
  • Customers

An online marketplace like UrbanClap in 2022 should include features that add to the benefits that are on the way for the target customers. The app should include the following features for its customers:

  • The feature that allows them to set up an account will contain everything from their first request to the most recent service requirements. The account should offer an easy interface and give proper insights.
  • The feature that allows them to select the best service provider. As customers, they should know the level of expertise that various professionals offer.
  • The feature that allows them to schedule a call or meeting with the professionals to decide upon their visit.
  • The feature that allows them to choose between various modes of digital payments or cash payments.
  • The feature that displays them regarding the availability of services and service providers.
  • The feature that initiates a smooth process of downloading the app and signups without any troubles.
  • The feature to enter feedback, positives, and points of improvement in their overall experience.
  • Admin

The UrbanClap clone process is incomplete without adding some admin features like the following:

  • The feature to act as a bridge between the professionals and customers for pricing, location checking, backups, and restores.
  • The feature to access the control panel for shared benefits and keep a check on the sales analysis.
  • The feature that regulates the promotional activities and keeps cheeks for financial analysis, CRM, and CMS integration.

Product, Audience & Platform

The next thing you need to decide is the kind of product or service you wish to deal in. it will impact your target audience. For instance, beginning a bike rental service in an area with significant tourist footfall promises profitable results. Similarly, grocery delivery will be a big hit in cities with working-class professionals, retired, or older adults.

While developing a service marketplace like UrbanClap, identify the platforms you want your app to be available upon. You have options like iOS, Android, web application, cross-platform availability, followed by hybrids. Try and opt for a simple yet sophisticated design that works well for the future. The app should promise a convenient and glitch-free run and loading.


Hire an analyst or turn to third-party service providers. Testing the waters before jumping in it right away will keep you away from potential risks, errors, and bugs that might hamper the app’s credibility after its launch on various platforms.


Home delivery service app development is an excellent solution for various customers. Who does not like expert services at their home without doing much?

The market conditions for an on-demand service app like The Urban Company are soaring high. It is the best time to present your idea with a solid mobile app development company like Mozilit.

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