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How much does it cost to develop an app like Uber?

Ride-sharing and carpooling are less than compulsion and more of a trend these days. But, have you ever thought that what it takes to build your own Uber app?

The increasing environmental awareness and convenience through these models are what is creating excellent market opportunities. So, if you want to step into the world of the taxi business, you’ll have various thoughts.

So, how much does it cost to build a taxi app like Uber? When you think of business, investment is one of the initial thoughts that strike your mind like a flash.

Did you know that the tag of the hottest business models belongs to the SaaS applications?

This blog will help you discover the taxi app development cost and also serve you with reasons to back up your choice of opting for a SaaS application.

Why go for SaaS Applications?

People recognize Uber as the trend when it comes to taxi services. It is creating a reliable roadmap that inspires us to get through disruptions on the way. Hence, potential entrepreneurs are trying their hand in the taxi industry. As the largest market segment, SaaS continues to remain in power and enjoys domination over the others in demand and competition. The app development services provided by Mozilit, recommend SaaS applications because:

  • The growth of software scalability with an Uber-like app will enhance your chances of a good growth
  • It helps in eliminating the upfront cost of the installation and purchase that further eliminates the maintenance and up-gradation costs
  • These applications support and easy download and maintenance which targets the customers’ convenience in the long run.

Your chances of success with a SaaS application like Uber are high. They will help you take your first step towards business.

But what about the ways to develop your app on a budget with the app developers in Africa?

This page will help you with a crisp discussion of the factors that determine the taxi app development cost and how you can go about it.

Application features and Cost of Development

As a newbie, you should be aware that an ideal application leaves none of its users behind. The journey of developing a taxi app development is incomplete without adding the features for both the customers and the drivers. Also, these tend to have an impact on the taxi booking app development cost.

Customer features

  • Fare estimation

If you remember the global taxi leaders like Uber and Ola update their audience with fare estimation of their trip and also if there is any surge. So, to ensure your customer’s financial safety and if you are aiming to store and process the card details entered by the customers, set this as your top priority. Another tip for you is to move apart from cash and opt for various payment getaways for customer convenience.

  • Fare splitting

You can team this up to another feature which is splitting the fares if there are more people and more than a single drop location. This will also help you cater to the needs of a larger audience.

  • UI/UX Design

The app cost calculation in Africa is incomplete without this feature. After all, this feature ensures the success of your application. You might tend to sway away with brilliant designs but make sure you are not compromising on clarity and simplicity. For this is what will target customer convenience and drag them towards you. Try and invest in a design that reaps good futuristic results.

  • Advance rise scheduling

Customers are the King of the market. You make should make your customer feel like one.

Are you wondering about the ways you can do it over here?

Target their bookings and let me tell you that this is an exciting feature. With the help of your app, your target audience can plan their move. It will function beneficially for your expansion.

  • Third-party booking

Sometimes people tend to book rides for their friends and love ones. But, they’ll turn down your application if this feature is missing. Scheduling a ride in advance or on the requirement will help you expand your base and cover the development costs.

Driver features

  • Driver report

The taxi-hailing app services should invest to ensure safety features for both the driver, as well as, the passenger. Try and give the passenger highlights like the driver’s rating, his driving style, the preferred mode of communication amongst others.

  • Drivers’ location preference

To ensure the maximum return of your investment from your taxi app proposal, make sure to have a satisfied and efficient workforce. Your application design should allow the drivers to enter and render services in their area of preference.

Also, invest in an application that runs on your target operating system.

Average Costing

The average time to build an app like Uber is approximately 4-6 weeks. This period can increase and decrease depending on the features and design. The taxi app development services provided by Mozilit, help you by developing an app on your budget. The aim is to not burn your pockets with hefty rates. The aim is to set a bar to provide the best services at pocket-friendly rates.


The most reliable answer of how much does it cost to start a business like Uber is that you should blend a correct mix of features, technology, resources, and investment. Put your critical gut at work and conduct proper research before making the final gig.

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