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InDriver Business Model – How It Works And Generates Revenue 

On demand taxi and delivery services have been on the run for many years in the international market. One such business that has emerged as the biggest international passenger transportation service is inDriver. It is a successful on demand taxi service that offers additional solutions in the form of inter-city travel, courier delivery, outstation, and freight. 

Going by its tagline of being people driven, it has gained major popularity recently, and the reasons behind it are praiseworthy. Many people wish to make the inDriver clone. But you have to get an idea about this app before that. Let’s explore the inDriver business model. 

Fun Facts About InDriver

But before that, here are some fun facts about this app that will blow your mind! 

A report by Sensor Tower suggests that it makes it to the list of the top ridesharing and taxi app through downloads for September 2019. 

  • Further, it became the 2nd biggest ride-booking app on the global map and completed 150 million installs in 2020. 
  • Presently, the on demand taxi app offers its services in 47 countries and extends to more than 700 towns. 
  • The current statistics suggest that the app is home to 47 million users. 
  • Also, it is available in 11 languages. 

Hence, you can only imagine the kind of comfort that it brings while being used by people looking for a taxi service in different places across the globe. 

Any taxi business enthusiast or anyone who loves the taxi on demand facility might have, at least, for once, thought about the sudden emergence of this app and the way it came into existence. inDriver came into existence in 2012, and you’ll be surprised to know its emergence by accident. 

Yes, you read that right. The app is Arsen Tomsky’s brainchild, who struggled to find a comfortable ride on his budget on a freezing night in Yakutsk, Siberia. As they say that necessity is the mother of invention, the Yakutsk students decided to take the matter into their hands and came up with an independently functioning group called Independent Drivers or inDriver, as you know it. The best part about using the inDriver mobile app is that it is in the passengers’ hands to quote the prices and choose the ones they are comfortable with. 

Business Model

A decade after its release on the global map, inDriver has shown tremendous growth and gained a leading position for offering on demand taxi services. The inDriver business model is discussed as follows: 

The drivers who wish to register and render their services must complete the registration process. They must switch on the driver account. The account switching process is easy, and there are no major issues. After this, the drivers begin getting details of the pickup and drop, followed by the proposed fair by the customers. 

●     The Drivers’ Angle 

If any driver is interested, they can either accept the request or make a quote of their expected fare. It is simple, but you have to understand the competition behind it. You are not the only driver getting the tour request; hence, you have to be diligent and smart while accepting or rejecting the service and making a desirable quote for the route. 

Counteroffers are allowed, and both parties can work on them. 

●     The Customers Take 

The inDriver mobile app is available on App Store and Play Store. Interested customers who want to try the app have to download it, followed by a signup in which they have to enter their details like their full name, contact number, and location access, amongst others. 

The customers must enter the pickup and drop location and the fare that they wish to pay for the ride. However, the basic pay will be set, and you can either enter that amount only or increase and decrease it based on what you wish to pay. 

When you enter your request, the drivers will be updated with the same. The interested ones will put their preferred amounts, and you can accept their request when you find the ideal one. After the ride is completed, you can pay the pre-decided amount. Also, you can give your feedback through your experience and driver rating. 

How Does inDriver Work

You must have gained clarity over the inDriver mobile app’s model by now. Here is how it works: 

  • The customers and drivers sign up, and the drivers have to switch on the driver mode. 
  • The rest of the Work will be done at the customers’ end. Customers can select the services. They can choose inter-city and city-to-city rides amongst the basic ones. You can choose delivery and freight, too. 
  • You should also present a reasonable fair acceptable to the driver. 
  • After receiving the driver requests, you must select the suitable one. If you don’t want a car, you can also choose the Moto or two-wheeler service.

Modes Of Revenue Generation 

Unlike its global competitors like DiDi, Uber, and Ola, inDriver offers a simple interface that is effective for its large-scale revenue. 

●     Commission-Based

The mobile app gains its share by charging a specific commission percentage. The commission is attached to each transaction that is done from the platform. 

But they have a way of making way for drivers and customers. Whenever the app gets launched in a new city, the app functions commission-free for the initial six months. After the expiration of this time, the commission they charge ranges from 5-8%; in some cases, it can go up to 10%. But, nothing more than that. 

Also, the commission percentage stays the same throughout. So, you will not see any sudden surge or multiplication in the cost, especially when there are issues like driver unavailability or bad weather. 

If you look at the competitive angle too, inDriver has created a niche by offering low costs traits. Also, it includes conventional strategies like promoting through word of mouth. Technology has taken over like no other, but inDriver app promotions are the perfect example of the right blend of modern trends and old yet meaningful techniques. 

●     Advertising-Based

It is a readily available and profitable model that ensures a steady flow of income to the on demand taxi business. On the inDriver platform, you can see that it is open for promoting other brands and businesses. In return, they charge a nominal amount that helps them earn money. 

But, the app has a scope for more. The aim is to enhance the actual product experience. Hence, the app is on the path of extending its services, and the freshest availabilities are freight and courier delivery services. The reliable services and pocket-friendly rates are giving tough competition to pick-and-drop domestic services like Swiggy Genie that are active in countries like India. 

Getting Your On-Demand Taxi App Service Designed At Mozilit

If you want to be a part of the on demand taxi app development by either creating a taxi app of your own or want to develop an inDriver clone, Mozilit can help you with it. 

The technical experts with wide knowledge and experience can help you make a platform with great features and fulfills all the customer requirements. We believe in transparent communications, which will help us present the exact combination of features you want for your inDriver clone app. Hence, we deal in ready-made clone services and customized solutions. 

So, you can reach out to our mobile app developers for all your mobile app development needs. 


The taxi-riding business has added great comfort and flexibility to people’s lives. inDriver is a successful ride-hailing app that ensures a comfortable ride followed by exceptional features that have helped it compete with the established market giants. Its effective strategies, driver selection, fair negotiation, and competence are some of the features responsible for its grounded yet widening success. 

So, if you wish to create a similar clone or want something customized for your taxi business, Mozilit is here to help. From guidance to help and approach to results, you can expect the correct move in the right direction with us. 

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