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On-Demand Food Delivery App Development – A Complete Guide 

The projected revenue for the online food delivery market is likely to reach USD 1.02 trillion by the end of 2023. In other underdeveloped markets like Africa, the expected revenue rates are huge. The market is likely to reach USD 7.45 billion by the end of 2023. That’s not where it stops. The revenue is likely to see yearly growth of 18.92% for the period ending in 2027. Hence, if you wish to be a part of a profitable online food delivery business in Africa, now is the right time to jump into the pool. 

Reasons For The Growth Of On-Demand Food Delivery

The critical revolution of online on-demand food delivery apps has been applaudable and has paved the way for its success in the present time. The ease of online orders has helped people choose this mode over everything else, and they can enjoy food at their doorstep in no time. The progressions are also increasing the demand for an online food delivery app clone. 

When it comes to the restaurant angle, they are in the right place to take advantage of the digital delivery angle that exists in the picture. The global rise of third-party platforms that mediate between restaurants and customers, like UberEats and Swiggy, is an undeniable fact. 

But, what’s more applaudable is that there are independent systems that are catching the eye and also giving an idea for others to become a part of the online food delivery world. 

  • Meeting Customer Preferences

Customers love the privilege of easy ordering, which online options provide, and hence, they are up for it anyway. 45% of the general food ordering market takes the online route for order placement and receiving. The annual rate of on-demand food delivery app development is 3.7%. The numbers are convincing, and so is the growth of such apps and their use. 

  • Digitization Of Apps

The major reason for the growth is that the food industry is adapting to the digital changes, and it is happening at a large scale. Further, the new old apps have a similar delivery and design pattern. Hence, the demand for new-age on demand food delivery apps is high.

  • New Features, Technology, Design, And Much More

The new entrants in the market are using technology and innovation to their advantage. They prefer a change in their design, and their presentation is praise-worthy. Hence, the new online food delivery app clones are doing well, followed by witnessing an improved demand, especially among restaurant owners. 

Idea Of On-Demand Food Delivery App Development

The food delivery businesses have been off to a flying start, especially since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Further, the global online delivery platforms like Uber Eats that are going local in the mushrooming African market are a clear reflection of the rising demand. But, the introduction to the target market is the last leg of the business. 

If you plan for an on-demand food delivery app development, here are the important steps that you have to follow: 

  • Idea Generation And Market Research

There’s not a single thing of human utility that is not invented or used until its need is not felt. The same stands true if you wish to be a part of an on-demand food delivery app development. The first step that you have to see is to have an implementable idea in your head. For example, the kind of delivery service you want to set up, the area that you wish to target, or the genre that you can focus on while developing your online app should be figured out. 

But that’s not where it ends. It’s the point where everything starts. You have to get an idea and do the market research based on the same. Your market research can cover the following aspects: 

  • Whether your idea is area and customer-specific or not?
  • What kind of solutions does your idea plan to provide?
  • What is your target audience?
  • How do you plan to move forward with the marketing of your business idea?
  • What makes your idea different from the rest in competition in your target area?
  • Business Model Selection

Now, let’s be practical. All businesses cater to their social responsibility. But the profit-making motive is what makes them going. While entering the on-demand food delivery app business, you have to figure out the ways in which you will make money. 

Here are some ways in which the food delivery businesses make money:

  • Commission from the restaurants that range between 13-15%.
  • Restaurant advertising on the apps for a limited period.
  • Delivery charges are earned in the form of customer payments.
  • Surges during peak hours or other factors like unfavorable weather circumstances. 
  • Planning And Strategy

After the basics are done, get your team together and work on the plan that you wish to implement. When you are building your on demand food delivery app development company, your planning should be backed by a strategy that unfolds one step at a time. Your plan should include the factors mentioned above, as they can help you improve your focus on the required areas. 

Technological Advantage For A Stronger Foundation 

While making an Uber Eats delivery app clone, you should have two things in mind. The first thing is that you have to cater to the needs of all your components, like the restaurants, delivery partners, and customers. The second thing is that you have to add technological interference in all features and aspects so that your app base becomes strong. 

Here are some ways in which you can use the mushrooming technological advantage for online food delivery app development: 

  • It uses the AI facility and Machine Learning tools to provide personalized recommendations to customers. It helps in enhancing user experience and also provides for customer satisfaction. 
  • Data analytics helps in focusing on the key points in customer behavior and also understanding their preferences. 
  • The login, delivery, and other details of the customers can be saved securely with the help of blockchain technology. 

User-centered Design For An Intuitive User Interface

Your on-demand food delivery app’s design should lay its major focus on your target audience, which is the different chunks of people who will use the app and, hence, design to meet their requirements. 

For example, your online food delivery app should have features that individually support the needs of customers, that is, the people who demand home deliveries, the restaurant owners who take the orders, and the delivery agents, without whom delivery won’t be possible. You should address the whole user experience that you wish to furnish and, hence, form an explicit understanding and way of functioning based on the same. 

A stronger user base is important for the valuable functioning of your app. You should focus on two things while building a strong app. They are as follows: 

  • User engagement through ideas like PR, promo codes, referrals, and social media marketing.
  • User retention by running feedback sessions and loyalty programs. 

7 Unmissable Features Of A Successful On-Demand Food Delivery App

The functionality of your online food delivery app depends on the subject of the application. In simple terms, your app is rendering different services to the customers, the delivery agents, and the partnering restaurants. 

In all, here are the features that you should not miss adding to your on demand food delivery mobile app. 

  • User Registration And Authentication

It is a feature of prime importance as it should help the users retain customized settings within the profiles that they use for ordering. Apart from the username and security passwords, the registration should allow verification through phone numbers or email ids. 

While using the personal accounts of users, proper steps for data protection should be taken so that people are confident while using the app for online ordering. 

  • Restaurant Listings And Menus

While building an on demand food delivery app, you should be open to restaurant listing and their menus. The listings should be area and delivery-based. You have to understand that while creating an app, you are bridging the gap between restaurants and customers. 

Hence, it would help if you made the delivery agents availability at that place, which helps to reduce the gap by delivering the order in exchange for a fair per-delivery amount that is to be paid as a part of the transaction. 

  • Ordering And Cart Management

The interactive order placement of your on demand food delivery app should provide a convenient search system of particular food items between the menu and also options for cart management, especially in cases of multiple orders from different restaurants. The Zomato food delivery model is a perfect example of the same. The specific notifications for each order from different restaurants are flashed as soon as there is an update. 

Customers and delivery agents can communicate better. You can have a technical team associated especially for this so that the doubts are resolved on the spot. 

  • Real-Time Order Tracking

The on demand food delivery mobile app should help you with timely updates and assistance if there isn’t any. The customers trust your app and the services for their hunger bugs, and hence, it is an important thing that you should not miss while building an Uber Eats app clone. 

  • Payment Gateways And Security

Order placement through the on demand food delivery app is incomplete until you offer different payment gateways ranging from online payments to cash on delivery for the customers. Whenever a customer wants an on demand meal delivery, they prefer the maximum convenience, and online payments can help in the same.

However, you should take steps that ensure that their card or online wallet payment details are safe and breach-free. It should come with a two-step authentication and a confirmation text that ensures confidentiality in the process. 

  • Ratings And Reviews

The on demand food delivery app development is incomplete if you are not letting your customers and restaurants speak your mind. When you list your app to be downloaded through various platforms, you should have features that welcome your customer ratings and reviews. It can either be a part of the app or can pop up later. 

  • Customer Support

Besides, you can also add other features that help to add or delete food items from the card or allow re-orders instead of doing the whole process again. It will save a lot of time and patience. Also, you can add flexible delivery time options and advance orders, amongst other customized features for your on demand food delivery mobile app. 

Importance Of Robust Admin Panel

All the on demand food delivery app development activities need to be managed. The management is done with the help of a robust Admin Dashboard. The robust admin panel is responsible for the following: 

  • The technical team is experienced and will have the backend rights to control all the processes. They will ensure proper surveillance and support of the scrolling, suggestions, order taking, delivery, tracking, and payments. If you wish to make any difference to the core settings, you can plan them from here. 
  • Further, the admin panel is responsible for all the database system-related updates. Also, they help with the merchant info updates related to the online food ordering system. Also, the admin panel works closely with the management of registration lists, payment, and order lists, amongst others. 

The admin panel’s role does not end here. There are many other functions that it has to dispense. They are as follows: 

  • Service location management for quick deliveries.
  • Language and currency management for an overall better experience of all the major parties. 
  • SMS, email, and notification management for timely updates to customers through the agents and restaurants. 

The admin panel should have all the necessary segments for the merchants, including the order status, location, merchant’s commission, invoices, and vouchers, amongst others, followed by the segments for the delivery agents, including their invoices, location, packages, agent’s commission, order details, and the segment for customers including the order updates, promos, discounts, convenience, and other fees that to be paid, amongst others. 

The 3G’s Of Online Food Delivery

The admin panel can help with service and delivery location, but there are backend technological advantages that support this feature of an on-demand app. 

  • GPS

The global positioning system, or GPS as it is commonly known and used, is the ultimate feature that helps all the famous delivery brands like Zomato and Uber Eats excel in the international market. The delivery agents can choose the shortest and the most efficient route that can help them make a quick delivery. Also, the GPS helps the customers stay updated about the delivery agents’ whereabouts, and they can guide them whenever there is an issue. 

  • Geolocation

But, if there is an issue with the GPS service, the app should have a backup in the form of using the device’s geolocation through which the order has been placed. The device’s whereabouts can be attained through WiFi connections or cell phone towers. 

  • Geofencing 

It is a must-have feature for on demand apps as it acts as a virtual fence. The feature looks like a simple radius, and you can connect it to setting a location on a map. You are setting a territory that is used for targeting people who are in a specific area. 

For on demand food delivery apps, this feature helps in automatically assigning the orders to agents who are nearby. The same is updated through notifications to the customers. Hence, this is a dynamic feature that adds convenience to customers and agents who are up for fulfilling the placed orders. 

5 Future On-Demand Food Delivery Trends To Know

The future of an on demand food delivery app development company is based on the current and future trends for the same. While the current trends suggest that it is the right time to dive into the business of on demand food delivery app making, the future looks bright, too.

Let’s look at the trends so that you can make calculative moves now and reap its fruit in the future! 

  • AR and VR Technology 

An enhanced customer experience is the key to building the roadmap to success for on demand food delivery apps. AR and VR technology helps in enhancing customer experience, and hence, sales are increased. Also, the technology provides customers with virtual assistants that ensure great communication. Also, it helps in a better understanding of consumer behavior that will help one to grow in the future. Now, that’s where Zomato gets its order hints from! 

  • Hyper-Local Delivery

The GPS feature is another technological advantage that is used for delivery and customer benefit. The enhancement in the location-specific features and improvement in satellite systems will help businesses strive for hyper-local delivery. It will help them grow at a large scale. 

  • Personalized Experience 

Personalization through the availability of data and its right use is another trend that will help the market flourish in the future. 

  • Contactless Delivery 

Thanks to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the trend of no-contact delivery is an emerging trend. Customers need not indulge in any conversation as everything can be done through texts. Also, digital payments and signatures are strengthening the same idea and becoming a driving force for the market. 

  • Virtual Assistance Integration 

Google Assistant and Alexa are more than entertainment devices. Customers can speak to the devices, place orders through them, and let them do the rest. They ensure a seamless process that benefits the customers, delivery agents, and restaurants. 


The on demand food delivery app development journey has revolutionized the way people eat and, especially, the way they order. Their favorite restaurant can be physically away, but their favorite dishes can reach them in no time. Also, with diverse options, many restaurants can get themselves listed, which increases their sales. Further, it is a good opportunity for delivery agents so that they can work and grow. In all, the on demand food delivery apps are solving more than a single purpose. You can definitely think of becoming a part of this thriving pool. 


  1. What are the top-most features of an on demand food delivery app?

Apart from the features that support basic functioning, the topmost features of an on demand food delivery app are order tracking, timely updates, SMS, emailing, push notifications, multi-language support, quick delivery agent allocation, quick communication via texts, and much more. 

  • Is on demand food delivery app development beneficial?

The 21st century belongs to technology and customer convenience. A satisfied customer ensures a better business and profits. You can ensure all these things by making on demand food delivery apps that are experiencing sky-high demand. Hence, the idea is beneficial. 

  • What is the process to make on demand food delivery apps?

On demand food delivery app development is a simple process. You have to identify your market after decoding the idea. After that, you have to decide your business model and work on a solid strategy that can be executed in the long run. If you are done with the basics, the next thing that you have to do is decide on your restaurant web panel, customer support features, and agent-specific features. After all this, you have to see the restaurant listing and assign delivery executives based on the same. 

  • Is on demand food delivery mobile app business successful?

Yes, with the rising use of the internet and technology, the idea of building an on demand food delivery mobile app is great. But you have to ensure that you are getting your Uber Eats app clone built by an experienced and reliable provider like Mozilit. 

  • Who can make an on demand food delivery app?

Anyone can make an on demand food delivery app. All you have to do is get the idea and reach out to an experienced service provider so that they can convert your idea into a functional app. Mozilit is a platform where you can get everything from technological guidance to customized on demand app building solutions

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